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Don't Miss out this engaging and stimulating opportunity to discuss issues in English! 


Are you a person who wants to dive into a discussion on current affairs, however, is too shy to vocalize your opinion in English?

Are you a person who wants to make a clear statement to persuade others and engage them to reach common goals?

​We are here to assist you!

What does TEDI Live Online Discussion Program  offer you?

 It will offer all the knowledge, skills, and attitude to become a sizzling discussion speaker in English.

​Critical Thinking 

​By critically reading and thinking on the issues, you will be able to think on your own feet. The expertise will lead to problem solving, which is a critical skill in the global workplace. 

​English Communication

​You will be able to train your English listening, presentation,  and discussion skills as well as  nurture your sense of empathy.

​Diversified Knowledge

Things are evolving in the world and with the advancement of technology, drastic change is taking place in many fields. You will be exploring the current state of affairs in the areas of science, technology, economy, politics, social affairs, and arts .   

Harness Uniqueness

This program offers you to work in teams to get the best of yourselves and pull out the uniqueness of each other by discussion professionals with the support of cutting edge technology.



This is a short video of learners discussing on "surrogacy" after

4 sessions in the program.

This is a progressive outcome and not a final achievement.

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