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Online Global Student Discussion Event

Hello all and happy Sunday! TEDI will be hosting an online student discussion event on 13 September, so if you are free or know someone who might be interested, check out the details below! ------------------------

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and consequently rapid changes to prospects for the future, how could students worldwide join together and connect with one another to share their passions, ideas, and solutions for global problems today?

Alyssa (Philippines), Emmanuel (Benin), Fridolin (Benin), Kan (China), and Noriko

(Japan) aim to engage in an exchange of opinions related to issues that range from the local to global scale, via Zoom online conferencing on September, 13. With international participants from different cultural and academic backgrounds, we hope to learn from and inspire one another with student-raised topics—be it artificial intelligence, global leadership challenges, cultural preservation, environmental issues, or economics. As young learners, we will explore the implications of the issues we are most passionate about, considering sustainability for the current and the next generation.

Join us and engage in discussion about global issues—may you find them pertinent to what you experience daily, hear from your friends and family, or read on the news from the other side of the world. Being informed and engaged in contemporary issues with our peers has become so easily accessible in the internet age that they are now more than ever a true duty that we must actively take on!

Time: September 13, Sunday, 9:00am-11:00am (UTC), 2:30pm- 4:30pm(IST), 6:00pm-8pm (JST)

As for the 9/13 event, the following are the discussion themes.

1. Pro/con on self driving cars

Should we fear autonomous vehicles?

2. Preservation of historic architectures

1)How does architecture affect our daily lives?

2) How can we call a building "an everyday building"? Why do some buildings seem more important than others (when they are not living things)?

3) What is the importance of "history" when we see buildings, parks, homes or any other spaces?

4) Do you think buildings are good representations of human existence? (for example, humans in nature, humans with other humans, humans with animals etc. what other relationships are there?) What is the importance of buildings with human memory?


5) Recent issues like the Black Lives Matter movement in the US have led to the tearing down of statues of "important people" who are now viewed as violent oppressors, embodying or glorifying colonialism. This practice has spread to other countries with colonial or colonialist pasts as well. Do you think any statues are appropriate? Why do you think statues of people are built at all?

6)Thinking of the COVID-19 crisis, do you see any changes in the future of architecture or the idea of "spaces"?

3. United Nations

If reforms are necessary, what reforms should be done first?

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