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Space Developments Way to Go

Dr. Kazumi Okada and his colleagues projected that deoxygenation of the atmosphere will make humans to survive on the planet for 1 billion years. 1

Dr. James Kastings predicted that ocean of the earth will dry up in 1 billion years by the solar luminosity. However, he also said that before that happens, the shortage of CO2 will avoid plants to grow and collapse the food chain system lasting the earth for 500 million years. 2

Million or billion of years sounds to be way into the future, however, the fact is that there is an ending to the solar system including our earth. Having said that, it is worthwhile and a natural evolution for human beings to oversee the various scale of space developments happening all around the world.3 Human beings need to start thinking and act where we should find our habitat in the unknown space eventually and this tiny little step will someday lead us to the next destination.






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