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The New Outlook of The Arab Region

China is taking an economic focused approach in the Middle East, investing and trading with both Iran and Saudi Arabia. One of the impressive impact of China on Iran happened in Iran’s complying to nuclear accord (JCPOA).1 If such developments favorable to the global community stays put, China may make a breakthrough to keep new ties with the Middle East leaders and bring the region to a new positioning.

As we know, there are increasing tensions in the Middle East. Not only the countries of the area fight over religious, politic

al, social reasons, but the oil region has been the hotbed of political conflicts among the vested interest groups including the US, Europe, and Russia for long years. Also, the region is now enforced to shift its industrial structure by diversifying their industry to prevent relying solely on dirty oil.2

Will economy ties will last without the political power tactics? Will new developments be unfolded to bring the area to a new direction? We can’t keep our eyes off from the region.







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