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Young Climate Activists and The Citizens

Emerging young climate leaders in the US are “striking from school, filing lawsuits, and staging sit-ins on Capitol Hill.1 The same scene can be found

in other countries’ municipal venues. Many youngsters are marching to the assembly.

They establish their own organizations such as Zero Hour, Earth Uprising, Jóvenes por el Clima Argentina, and many others all over the world to voice their opinions on climate change.

Young climate activists “promote climate strike, talk to your local lawmakers and community organizations.” 2

Responding to the flow of currents, countries are coming up with their own commitment to reduce the CO2 output. Here is an example of what citizens will be able to do to combat this challenge. Using life style carbon footprint framework, Japanese citizen will be able to make contribution to reduce greenhouse gas in order to attain target 1.5°C carbon footprint. Japanese government has reported two scenarios as to how the country will be able to attain the global targets. Technology advancement using green electricity as well as our new mindset to our shifting lifestyle, such as less dependency on personal use of transportation or eating less meat will be the key. 3






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